Trucking On My Mind

As you know, if you know me, I was a long haul trucker for 30 years, my wife was my trucking partner for almost 20 of those years. The trucking industry has changed so much since I had to retire, but I still miss it. I am not sure if I would want to be out there on the now because of all the changes. Trucking was fun when I started in 1971, one big happy family. There are too many rules now, some good, some bad, electronic logs would be my biggest problem.I have had several driver friends tell me that they were only a few miles from Pick up or delivery but had to stop because they were out of miles, back in the day, we would have driven those few miles, and fix it in our log books, so much time is wasted now because of some computer saying it’s time to stop. I would not like being told when I have to sleep. They say that electronic logs are safer for drivers, I don’t agree. Anyway, I still miss the road at times, even in the winter. Be safe out there drivers.

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