Too Many Accidents

I read the news every day about trucking, wow, there are far too many accidents involving big trucks these days. I blame the increase on poor training. Truck driving schools are steady pumping out drivers that are just not ready to get behind the wheel of a semi. In my opinion, classroom training should be at least 3 months. Once the trainee is in the truck  he or she should go another month watching and learning, should not get behind the wheel for that month, except for backing into docks now and then. The trainer should have no less than five accident free years over the road. When the trainee does get behind the wheel, it should be limited for another couple of months. The trainee should also speak good english, and be a legal citizen. The trainee should be trained in all aspects of trucking, and should know the equipment well, from front to back. When I had to retire from the road after 30 years for health reasons, I was offered a job teaching, I turned it down, and for good reason. I was told that I would need to pass some trainees, even if they were questionable,  they needed to get a certain number of new drivers each session for several reasons, I just would not do that. If I passed a student, he or she would be ready.

Any way, these are just my opinions.

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