Do Not Abandon Ship

It seems like every few days, I read about another trucking company going bankrupt, or going out of business, some of which have been around for many years. It is hard to say what the reason is, one can only guess. A lot of times, the drivers end up stranded somewhere on the road, not able to get home. If the driver is under a load when a company shuts down, it is tempting to abandon the truck and find a way to get home, that is not a good idea, it is something that could end up in the drivers’ record. Usually, when a company shuts down, they will turn off all fuel cards and leave the driver with no way to fuel the truck, it’s like being between rock and a hard place. If it were me, and I was close to delivery location and had enough fuel, I would deliver the load, then go from there, at least I would be abandoning a load of freight somewhere. I would then head toward the home terminal and get as close as my fuel would let me, find a safe place to park it, then call the company and tell them where the truck is parked. Now some drivers will say, I’m not delivering the load, or taking the truck anywhere if I’m not being paid, but that is better than abandoning a truck showing up on your record. The trucking industry has changed so much since I retired, and I hate seeing so many companies going down, maybe things will get better, I hope so.

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