I am a lover of all God’s creatures, except for humans. I have a racoon that shows up on my porch every night, he, or she is after left over cat food. I always make sure there is plenty out there before I go to bed, I will never turn a hungry animal away. This racoon is strange, he is brown, first brown racoon I have ever seen. This picture is poor quality, but here’s Rocky racoon.

Rocky had a friend last night.

The Loss of a Friend

This past Monday was an extra sad day for me, my dachshund, Rusty, crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Rusty was 12 years old, and he had cancer. Rusty was my buddy, a good loyal friend, and my heart is broken. His doctor, and my friend, Dr. Albert, tried very hard to save Rusty, but he was in pain, and it was time for him to rest, Doc helped him cross the bridge. I will miss my Rusty, and will never forget him.

Do Not Abandon Ship

It seems like every few days, I read about another trucking company going bankrupt, or going out of business, some of which have been around for many years. It is hard to say what the reason is, one can only guess. A lot of times, the drivers end up stranded somewhere on the road, not able to get home. If the driver is under a load when a company shuts down, it is tempting to abandon the truck and find a way to get home, that is not a good idea, it is something that could end up in the drivers’ record. Usually, when a company shuts down, they will turn off all fuel cards and leave the driver with no way to fuel the truck, it’s like being between rock and a hard place. If it were me, and I was close to delivery location and had enough fuel, I would deliver the load, then go from there, at least I would be abandoning a load of freight somewhere. I would then head toward the home terminal and get as close as my fuel would let me, find a safe place to park it, then call the company and tell them where the truck is parked. Now some drivers will say, I’m not delivering the load, or taking the truck anywhere if I’m not being paid, but that is better than abandoning a truck showing up on your record. The trucking industry has changed so much since I retired, and I hate seeing so many companies going down, maybe things will get better, I hope so.

Too Many Accidents

I read the news every day about trucking, wow, there are far too many accidents involving big trucks these days. I blame the increase on poor training. Truck driving schools are steady pumping out drivers that are just not ready to get behind the wheel of a semi. In my opinion, classroom training should be at least 3 months. Once the trainee is in the truck  he or she should go another month watching and learning, should not get behind the wheel for that month, except for backing into docks now and then. The trainer should have no less than five accident free years over the road. When the trainee does get behind the wheel, it should be limited for another couple of months. The trainee should also speak good english, and be a legal citizen. The trainee should be trained in all aspects of trucking, and should know the equipment well, from front to back. When I had to retire from the road after 30 years for health reasons, I was offered a job teaching, I turned it down, and for good reason. I was told that I would need to pass some trainees, even if they were questionable,  they needed to get a certain number of new drivers each session for several reasons, I just would not do that. If I passed a student, he or she would be ready.

Any way, these are just my opinions.

Trucking On My Mind

As you know, if you know me, I was a long haul trucker for 30 years, my wife was my trucking partner for almost 20 of those years. The trucking industry has changed so much since I had to retire, but I still miss it. I am not sure if I would want to be out there on the now because of all the changes. Trucking was fun when I started in 1971, one big happy family. There are too many rules now, some good, some bad, electronic logs would be my biggest problem.I have had several driver friends tell me that they were only a few miles from Pick up or delivery but had to stop because they were out of miles, back in the day, we would have driven those few miles, and fix it in our log books, so much time is wasted now because of some computer saying it’s time to stop. I would not like being told when I have to sleep. They say that electronic logs are safer for drivers, I don’t agree. Anyway, I still miss the road at times, even in the winter. Be safe out there drivers.

The Good Old Days

Have you ever said, I miss the Good Old Days,I have said myself. Here is something to think about,when were the Good Old Days? Lets start with the mid-evil times,constant wars, and people killing each other. How about the 1800’s, Native Americans and white settlers killing each other over land,and greed, and don’t forget the outlaws robbing and killing. Then we have the Civil War, Americans killing Americans, and don’t forget Slavery.
How about World Wars one, and two. Then we have Korean Conflict,Vietnam, and Iraq and Afghanistan. Don’t forget the 70’s,hippi’s and flower children dieing from LSD and other drugs, as well as Aides and other deseases. How about the racial unrest and riots all around the country. Our world is a mess today, but when we say, I miss the Good Old Days, when was that exactly? something to think about.

A Long Sunday

This has been a long, long day, thank goodness for the internet, and tv westerns. It rained all night last night, sunny now. I have been so busy working on a couple websites for a friend, that helps the time pass better. Been adding a few pictures to my photo album page, pictures that Vonn and I took on the road, so many memories.