Too Many Accidents

I read the news every day about trucking, wow, there are far too many accidents involving big truckd these days. I blame the increase on poor training. Truck driving schools are steady pumping out drivers that are just not ready to get behind the wheel of a semi. In my opinion, classroom training should be […]

The Good Old Days

Have you ever said, I miss the Good Old Days,I have said myself. Here is something to think about,when were the Good Old Days? Lets start with the mid-evil times,constant wars, and people killing each other. How about the 1800’s, Native Americans and white settlers killing each other over land,and greed, and don’t forget the […]

A Long Sunday

This has been a long, long day, thank goodness for the internet, and tv westerns. It rained all night last night, sunny now. I have been so busy working on a couple websites for a friend, that helps the time pass better. Been adding a few pictures to my photo album page, pictures that Vonn […]

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