The Good Old Days

Have you ever said, I miss the Good Old Days,I have said myself. Here is something to think about,when were the Good Old Days? Lets start with the mid-evil times,constant wars, and people killing each other. How about the 1800’s, Native Americans and white settlers killing each other over land,and greed, and don’t forget the outlaws robbing and killing. Then we have the Civil War, Americans killing Americans, and don’t forget Slavery.
How about World Wars one, and two. Then we have Korean Conflict,Vietnam, and Iraq and Afghanistan. Don’t forget the 70’s,hippi’s and flower children dieing from LSD and other drugs, as well as Aides and other deseases. How about the racial unrest and riots all around the country. Our world is a mess today, but when we say, I miss the Good Old Days, when was that exactly? something to think about.